Field Studies Council

A quick reminder that the deadline for applications is 16 January – we hope that you will be interested in this unique opportunity to take part in a European training course Lessons from Nature: outdoor education for a sustainable future. The main objective of the course is to explore innovative approaches to learning outside the classroom and competency based learning, using ecosystems as a teaching tool. The course will build on the successful European Lessons from Nature project, and also share a range of approaches to outdoor learning.The Lessons from Nature project is a consortium of six outdoor learning providers across Europe. Our goal is to develop innovative approaches to sustainable development that builds the capacity of schools and teachers to prepare students to take an active role in building the green economy and society (

The course will take place in the beautiful Rila Mountains of Bulgaria.  Please click here for more information about the course. If you are able to attend there is European funding available. To receive funding you need to apply online, details in the attached flyer. However, do get in touch if you want any help and we can assist you through the relatively quick and simple process.   The course information can be seen on the EU website at

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